There’s Always a Twist

I wrote this originally directly after the episode aired, but held off posting due to spoilers.  Read now at your own peril:


Because I need to work through my feelings on the finale of Season 14…

I’d say three words, but I shouldn’t swear online.  Though now I’m debating, who was the bigger dick?  Metatron or God/Chuck?  We thought God was cute; we thought God was our friend.  Nope.  I mean, it sets up the last season well.  My feeling is he’s unleashed a whole bunch of the monsters Sam and Dean got rid of (Bloody Mary, that freaking creepy clown).  They’re surrounded by zombies or something, fighting, which is what they excel at.

Episode turned out completely different than I thought it would.  Jack has never been my favorite character.  I was sad when he died originally, but he just fits an awkward spot.  The last half of the season has been Jack-centric and how many ways can we twist this around.  But when it came time to get rid of him; him talking to Cas made me sympathetic.  Yeah, when Dean was holding the gun, I was more concerned with “don’t hurt Dean.”  ‘Cause he can’t die yet, but that means nothing.  I literally sat up on the couch the scene before the commercial when Sam grabbed the gun.  And now I want to punch God in the face.

So, I feel bad for Jack, though I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.  He looks to be in the Empty, with Billie.  Not sure what that exactly means.  God is a dick.  And I worry about my boys.  And as always with Hellatus…we have to wait like six months!!!  (Gives me plenty of time to finish re-watching The Road So Far, and read a couple books)


Always willing for a Supernatural discussion

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