The Journey Begins

This is the product of “I have a writing degree, I should be using it!” and being a proud fangirl. You get me hooked on a show, I will watch it and then read fanfiction and read behind-the-scenes about it (i.e. Supernatural, thanks to you-know-who-you-are). Yes, I read fanfiction. I’ve learned a fair bit from fanfiction; there’s good and bad. If it’s badly written, I skip. But there are some amazing ones that will actually confuse me on whether it’s canon or not.
Given a day off, I prefer to sit and read, or write, or watch a movie or show (or re-watch for the twelfth time). And having the background of both a history and English major, I pick up on things. Recently while watching How to Train Your Dragon, I got to thinking that “Hiccup resembles a typical hero path from Hero with a Thousand Faces“, a book I am familiar with from reading for an assignment in college. So, since the student hasn’t completed faded from me and boiling down to “because I can” I started to write a paper analyzing that very thought. Which was followed by “I love this episode most” or “that’s really interesting from a story perspective.” I also get really excited talking about movies or shows or books that interest me, in a “hey, did you know this?” way. For instance, me figuring out at ten o’clock at night and loudly exclaiming that Il Duce from Boondock Saints (played by Billy Connolly) “Oh my god, that’s Dain!” (Thorin’s cousin, Lord of the Iron Hill Dwarves from Battle of the Five Armies). And he voices Merida’s father in Brave.
Also, I have an amazing friend who began her own blog recently [go check out closetwarrior and discover casual cosplay] and that urged my brain “hey, if she can do it, so can you!”
While my some favorites are How to Train Your Dragon and Lord of the Rings, those can get incredibly in depth; thus, it will be a while before I dive into those worlds. In the meantime, I’ll begin exploring the range of my other interests, from musicals to period pieces to action/adventure and even a few cartoons.


Standard Disclaimer: First, here, there be spoilers! Second, this is my opinion on a show or movie; people can have different opinions (my friend loves Nightmare Before Christmas, I have not seen it). I am welcome to discussion; not name-calling. Please be considerate and kind.


Next Time: Starting off with Avatar: The Last Airbender


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