“Now You’re Hiring People Who Fail the Interview?”

Ten Inch Hero

My best friend got me to watch this movie; she has said it is the only rom com she will watch. And the reason we watch it: it stars Jensen Ackles (Dean in Supernatural) as Priestly, along with Danneel Harris (she’s now appeared as Sister Jo in Supernatural, as well as small roles in a variety of TV shows like JAG and Charmed) as Tish. Elizsabeth Harnois (the titular President’s daughter in 1998 TV movie opposite Will Friedle, she was also in an episode of Boy Meets World) is Piper, Sean Patrick Flanery (Connor in Boondock Saints; the same friend had me watch that movie. I have seen it, now I don’t have to; though that was the film that I exclaimed “it’s Dain!” at ten o’clock at night) appears as Noah, and Jordan Belfi (lead in Hallmark’s Snow Bride Christmas movie from 2013, as well as several spots in a variety of TV shows) makes an appearance.

The film takes place in Santa Cruz, California; mainly in the Beach City Grill, a sub shop (hence the title “ten inch hero,” meaning a sandwich). Piper arrives in town and applies for a job at the shop, which on its “Help Wanted” sign warns “Normal People Need Not Apply.” To prove she’s not normal, she just begins to doodle on their specials’ sign. The interview by hippie owner, Trucker involves answering whether famous people are dead or alive. She’s hired unanimously and works alongside Tish and Jen at the counter. The next day, cook Priestly makes an entrance, colored Mohawk, piercings, and odd shirts. We discover that Tish likes to flirt with guys and it drives Priestly nuts. Jen messages a guy online back and forth, Trucker likes Zo, the crystal shop lady across the road, and Piper keeps running into a father and daughter. Turns out, Piper had gotten pregnant young and had to give up her baby. She had been told that they would name the daughter Julia and the father’s name was Noah. Piper saw an article about gifted children and believes the local girl Julia is her daughter. Piper ends up becoming friends with the small family, under her middle name “Anna.”


Cute guys (not that I’d be attracted to them) Tad and Brad come into the shop and Tish is right on them. The innuendo about their subs being ten inches comes out (this shop enjoys discussions on sex). Tad later comes back and asks Tish out. Jen now has a conumdrum, does she meet with her online friend? Her co-workers urge caution but also find out she has never slept with a guy or…experimented. Jen ultimately chooses to meet with the guy and the other two girls join her on a brief road trip in Trucker’s “cause-mobile,” gotta say, it makes a road trip look like fun. However, when they get there, Jen runs out when she discovers the guy (he was to be waiting with a white rose) is good looking. On her end, she wouldn’t mind if a guy isn’t good looking, but she figures a good looking guy wouldn’t be interested in her.

There is a hilarious scene where Priestly goes on a supply run for the shop and has to pick up tampons. He calls Tish for help, then gets to tell two teenaged boys off for laughing at the scenario, oh, he’s also wearing a kilt. He is not happy when he finds out that Jen wouldn’t meet her mystery man due to looks; she’s judging him on his looks. Tish demands an explanation; he retorts that women are so interested in the package (we sense underlying tension between Tish and Priestly).

Meanwhile, with Piper, she has gotten closer to Noah and Julia, under the name Anna. Noah asks her out and she agrees. One evening, Noah opens up about his ex-wife; she tried to kill her and Julia when Julia was a baby. He got her help and eventually left her alone with their daughter again. Then she hurt Julia a few years later. Noah divorced her and got custody. This confuses Piper a bit, because he mentioned post-partum depression. She realizes that Julia “is not my baby” and runs off.

Things are not going perfectly between Tish and Tad. Brad accompanies them on their dates a lot, then he comes in and wants to try a threesome. Tish refuses and ends up bumping her head because Tad wouldn’t let go. Tad blames her. When he comes back to the shop to pick her up, she lets him take her outside, but breaks things off with him. Then calls him out for trying to use her as a buffer between him and Brad, though Tad denies being gay. He slaps her. Priestly tackles him, but then Tad punches him. Trucker comes out and takes care of Tad. He calls everyone back to his place. Revelations come out. He knows how to fight because he was in Vietnam; he never went to Woodstock. When he came back after three tours, he got invovled with surfers and it soothed his soul; but that is why he doesn’t make a move with Zo, because how could she accept him? Jen discovers Zo in Trucker’s yearbook; while he was a senior football star, Zo was a freshman.

Noah comes back to talk to Piper and they settle things, promising honesty; he and Julia voted that they wanted Piper to fill the hole in their family. A homeless guy enters the shop (Jen is nice to them) and speaks to Jen. Then reveals himself to be her online friend. He just wants a chance. Also turns out that Priestly set them up, answering Jen’s computer after she left. The next day, a well dressed man comes into the shop to speak to Tish. It’s Priestly, but without product in his hair and no piercings and he’s dressed like a businessman. He’s a nice guy, asking her out, like Trucker wanted. She accepts, on one condition; he has to say what his first name is. Boaz. Trucker and Zo hook up and have a ceremony on the beach (why they’re naked, I’m not sure).

In the end, all turns out well. Everyone hooks up with the person they’re supposed to.

Oh, and a note about Jensen and Danneel; they had known each other before this film and hadn’t realized each other had been cast until they met on set. They fell in love on set and married in 2010.

I like this film. It’s fun, and fairly believable. Does it make me melt like some other romance scenes in other films and shows? No. But it’s good to put on if my brain needs a break. And I love Jensen’s look in this, mainly since it’s so different from how he typically looks (he did rock the dressed up look when he was on a soap opera. In Supernatural he is mainly in jeans, t-shirts, and flannel.)

There is a rather good fanfiction story about how Priestly ended up at Beach City Grill by fanfar3 entitled Born Again. I like the background on Priestly she came up with and his interaction with Trucker. The ending was a bit odd for me, but I encourage you to check it out!

So, what are some of your favorite romantic comedies?

Up Next: The beginning of the musical section, starting with Prince of Egypt (because the music is amazing)

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