The Plan is Always to Improvise

A Random Fandom Update, because I have time. This month’s schedule for me is nuts, so lots of things are getting done today.

So, the reboot of MacGyver has come to a conclusion; it was announced only a few weeks ago, after the season finale had been finished.  I had mixed emotions going into the finale.  I figured it wouldn’t be as heart-wrenching as the finale of Supernatural; it’s not that kind of show.  And honestly, the last couple seasons have been disappointing in my opinion.  [Warning: There Be Spoilers Ahead]  I was sad to see Jack leave the show and even more sad when they officially killed him off this season; more due to the affect it would have on Mac (and Lucas Till played that end scene brilliantly…when you want to give a character a hug…).  I was initially intrigued by bringing on Desi, because she is a kick-butt women and we need more women like her.  But this past season especially, the show began to revolve around a love triangle between Mac, Riley, and Desi.  That is not why I tune in to the show; I want Mac to use his Swiss Army knife to save the day.  I don’t care about whether his relationship with Desi will last.  Because that is a disservice to the female characters, to reduce them to their interaction with male characters and the only way they can be important to the story is to be in love with the lead man.

And these secret societies bad guys; there’s no substance to them.  Admit it, we kind of like Murdoc because you never know what crazy thing he will do next.  But “who is behind the curtain?” gets annoying after a few episodes.  And the ending [Spoiler Alert] that this past season was all the U.S. government’s fault?  Does not sit well.  I don’t know if they’re trying to make a statement, but “the government is out to get you,” is not comforting.  I liked the notion of the Phoenix Foundation splitting and going completely private to be great.  Would have made an interesting season and I’m not opposed if they decide to bring it back; on the other hand, it gives fanfiction authors lots of avenues to explore.  And while I enjoy seeing the lead characters in a little peril, I prefer the “we have to run away from this explosion,” or “let’s not get shot,” kind of suspense.  Not suffocating in a tube.

Will I complete the series on DVD, yes.  And yes, I like DVDs entertainment companies because what if your Internet connection is spotty?  But I will also continue to explore MacGyver fanfiction stories.

Some fanfic author recommendations, all excellent, go check them out!

Ridley C. James



The Girl Who Remembers

Sabby Starlight


gaelicspirit (excellent author in general)


(I also have my own headcannon and storyline written for Mac if anyone is ever interested)

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